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4 Best Ways to Handle Chronic Depression

March 27, 2023

When you are dealing with anxiety and depression, even the most simple tasks feel impossible. Whether getting up and going to work or falling asleep at night, you may dread everything you have to do on a particular day. While you will have certain days when depression arises, it’s important to not let it turn into a lifestyle. Instead of giving in to your thoughts, there are some healthy ways to fight against depression. Here are 4 of the best ways to handle chronic depression:

1. Find Someone to Talk With

One of the best outlets for those suffering from chronic depression is having someone they can talk to. When deciding who that person is in your life, you want to choose someone who is happy to listen to your problems and who is there to help you through it. This person can be a friend, mentor, family member, or even your significant other. You will find that having someone to express your feelings with makes it easier to let go of the pain. If you need someone to talk with, there are plenty of resources available for both online and in-person sessions.

2. Write Down What You Are Feeling

depressed woman journaling

It’s important to know that everyone handles emotions differently. If you are more of an outgoing person who is going through a rough time, you will be more likely to seek out someone to talk to. On the other hand, those who are naturally introverted will not be as comfortable sharing their feelings with someone else. However, those people still need a way to escape from the trouble. One good way to do this is by starting a diary or journal to write out your thoughts and feelings. You will find that even this simple coping mechanism will help you to process what you are going through.

3. Stick to a Schedule

When struggling with anxiety and depression, it’s easy to cancel all your plans and stay home to be by yourself. However, that’s not the best way to handle depression. Studies have shown that it’s crucial for people with depression to maintain a healthy and regular routine. Even when motivation drops, it’s best to continue on with your day to avoid additional thoughts of feeling unproductive and having low self-esteem. You can always add in things that you enjoy doing, such as time to read your favorite book or take a walk around the block.

4. Get Plenty of Rest

woman sleeping in bed

Every problem seems like a bigger deal than it usually is when you are tired. That’s why it’s important for those who are dealing with depression to get plenty of sleep. Experts recommend that adults get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night, so be sure to take the time to catch up on much-needed rest. If you are finding it hard to fall asleep at night, try winding down with a relaxing activity, such as a warm bath or listening to calming music. Establishing a consistent sleep schedule will also boost your physical health as well.

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