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health background friends

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Grateful to serve

One of the most precious aspects of our nation’s heritage was the sense of togetherness within communities. Traditionally, those who farmed together or shared meals had their lives woven together as a family unit. The common purpose shared between them is what brought them together as a family — not by blood. We believe in spreading kindness, and we want our customers always to feel connected to a higher purpose. We are eager to have a part in building a community of happy and healthy families, and we are grateful to serve.

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At Paul’s Pharmacy, each person matters. We dedicate ourselves to caring for the total well-being of every patient we serve. We are committed to providing superior solutions, cutting-edge technology, and one-on-one consultations to achieve optimum health results. With our prescriptions, compounding, and DNA testing, we offer unparalleled pharmacy care that ensures a better you at every stage of your life. We want to give our best so that you can feel your best.

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Retail East

We are inspired to provide total care inside and out. That's why Paul's Pharmacy East is a retail location. We carry countless supplemental solutions that are proactive, preventative, and designed to replenish your body with essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Health is not just about caring for the symptoms or problems when they arise because, as we age, our bodies demand different things. We are here for you each step of the way to provide alternative approaches. Total health includes body, mind, and spirit, and we have created a store dedicated to nurturing all three.

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Our difference

We are committed to educating, enhancing, and encouraging you at every stage of your life by providing some of the most superior solutions in pharmacy and supplemental care. Our pharmacy is centered around empowering you with information and opportunities that give you the control in making smart choices for your health. From the moment you walk into our space, we want you to feel and experience an environment of hope that is welcoming, encouraging, and cheerful. We will give you our best so that you can feel your best.

What our customers are saying

This is the best compound pharmacy for my pet. I'm blessed to have found this place and such great customer service.

- Ali K.

Having a rare incurable disease, some medications are not the same even though they are labeled as the same medication. Thanks to Julie at Paul's West, she made sure I had a certain brand of RX that works for my condition. Having the right medication makes the difference between a good day and a really bad one. Thank you Julie!

- Reneae T.

This is the best pharmacy I've ever used. The people are so friendly and nice. Thanks for making my day brighter and me healthier.

- Judi R.