Long Term Care

As the area's leading provider of pharmaceutical services to long term care facilities, Paul's Pharmacy specializes in the unique needs of the elderly.

Our services are focused on improving the quality of life of the residents we serve while reducing the cost of the pharmacy bill. Paul’s Consultant Pharmacists provide direction and oversight on all aspects of the acquisition, disposition, handling, storage, and administration of drugs in long-term care facilities. See below for an extensive list of all our services

To contact our Long Term Care office, call 812-426-5033.

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Some Of Our Specialty Care Services

  • Drug therapy management by long term care professional experts in improving outcomes.
  • TCGRx ATP Packaging Robot ensure packaging adherence and efficiency.
  • Free delivery and unit-of-use medication delivery systems to ensure ease and accuracy of service.
  • Highly skilled pharmacists and staff to add confidence and increased efficiency to infusion (IV) therapy.
  • Dedicated customer service professionals for rapid response and 24/7 emergency service.
  • Complete state and federal compliance including OBRA 87 requirements for Medicare/Medicaid.
  • Expert advice and early identification of inappropriate treatment or under-treatment.
  • Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists.
  • Prescription compounding for specialized and customized prescriptions.
  • Flu Shots and Immunizations.
  • Medication synchronization for easy monthly deliveries.
  • Private consultations for customized therapy regimes.
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