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As we age it becomes even more imperative to keep health as our focus. But as we know, aging brings on new challenges at every decade. Paul’s Pharmacy is built on generational values of service and caring for others. To us, life’s greatest blessing will always be our family. When you partner with Paul’s, each patient and staff member becomes an extended member of the Paul’s family. We give you our best so that you can help others feel their best.

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Our Story

In 1977, with the tick of a typewriter and the turn of a spatula, Paul Mayer filled his first prescription that began a legacy of patient-centered care that has continued for decades at Paul’s Pharmacy in Evansville, Indiana. In true family fashion, Paul’s son, Jacob, worked alongside him in his teenatge years, learning the ins and outs of pharmacy management and the importance of putting patients first. While his father instilled the value of hard work, Jacob also discovered his passion and deep respect for elderly patients through their inspiring life stories. This passion would eventually guide him back to take his father’s place as a leader of Paul’s Pharmacy. He received his certification in geriatrics in 2007, making him and Paul the first father and son pharmacist duo in the nation to both be certified in geriatrics. He has since expanded the LTC offerings and the saying “we live to give” takes on a literal meaning as the care philosophy that Jacob holds in all of his business endeavors. He always asks himself before making any decisions, “Is this going to benefit my patients and the community?”

Jacob & Kari