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How Our Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services Can Help

August 11, 2023

Here at Paul’s Pharmacy, we are the leading provider of pharmaceutical services to long-term care facilities. We specialize in the unique needs of the elderly to help improve quality of life while reducing the cost of the pharmacy bill. Find out more about our long-term care pharmacy services and how they can help.

1. We focus on improving quality of life and improving outcomes.

holding hands with elderly patient

Our long-term care pharmacy services are overseen by professionals that are experts in using drug therapy management to improve outcomes and the quality of life of the patients we serve. Our expert pharmacists not only provide medications but can also provide advice through consultations to help ensure patients are receiving the best course of treatment and are responding well to their medications. Our skilled pharmacists and staff can even offer IV infusion therapy to increase the efficiency of medications.

2. Our pharmacists provide direction and oversight.

The consultant pharmacists at our long-term care pharmacy oversee all aspects of the acquisition, disposition, handling, storage, and administration of medications in long-term care facilities. They can offer expert advice about drug management and even look out for inappropriate treatment or under-treatment. The number one goal of our long-term care pharmacists is making sure patients are getting the proper medications and are responding to them well.

3. We offer Paul’s Packs Compliance Packaging.

Paul's Packs pill packages

Here at Paul’s Pharmacy, we use the TCGRxATP Packaging Robot to make Paul’s Packs Compliance Packaging. This method of packaging medications ensures that each medication package adheres to the necessary standards. These packages also make it easier to dispense the correct medications to each patient in a more efficient way. Each dose is packaged separately so there’s no longer the fear of administering the wrong dosage to a patient.

4. We offer free delivery to reduce costs.

To help you reduce pharmaceutical costs, our long-term care pharmacy services include free delivery. We will deliver medications to your long-term care facility for free so you can focus on providing care to your patients without worrying about making your way to the pharmacy. We also offer medication synchronization so you will only need deliveries once per month. We can have all your medications ready in one easy monthly delivery.

5. We value customer service and offer rapid response.

pharmacist discussing medications

At Paul’s Pharmacy, we care about our patients. That’s why we value customer service in everything we do. To provide the best possible customer service, we offer rapid response and 24/7 emergency service. That means if you have an emergency question or have a patient who needs medication quickly, we will make sure you get the service you need as quickly as possible.

6. We offer compounding for customized prescriptions.

Long-term patients sometimes require customized prescriptions. We offer prescription compounding as one of our long-term care pharmacy services so your patients can get exactly what they need. If a medication is prescribed in a dosage or form not available commercially, our expert pharmacists can compound the medication as requested by the doctor. We can also prepare specialized prescriptions without dyes, preservatives, or sugars for patients with allergies or diabetes.

7. We can provide flu shots and immunizations.

woman getting a vaccination

Immunizations are key in disease prevention. Our experienced pharmacists and staff are trained in providing immunizations to patients to help protect them from diseases. We offer annual flu shots as well as an assortment of vaccines and boosters to help keep our patients safe from potentially life-threatening diseases. Some of the immunizations we offer include Flu, COVID-19, Pneumonia, Shingles, and more.

Find Out More About Our Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services

These are just some of the long-term care pharmacy services our Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists can offer. Our goal is to help patients in long-term care live their healthiest lives and have the best quality of life possible. To learn more about our long-term care services, please contact our long-term care pharmacy today.